Period misconceptions are common, specially to those who are first time to experience “Red Days”.

Below are some of the period myths that women should stop believing:

1). When a woman is on her first to second day of period, she should not take a bath.

It is always safe and advisable to take a shower daily, even when a woman is menstruating. This will leave her feeling clean and fresh. Sanitation and good personal hygiene won’t harm.

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2). A woman’s first menstrual blood must be used as a facial wash to prevent acne.

Sounds disgusting? Well, it is actually gross. Menstrual blood has nothing to do with pimples. During puberty, androgens increase in both boys and girls, making the skin’s oil glands get larger and produce more sebum. Washing face with a clean water and soap would do a lot better.

3). Exercise is not welcome during period days.


Moving while menstruating could actually make a woman feel less-stressed and lively.  It is just important to wear the most comfortable pads or tampons while engaging into activities to prevent embarrassing leaks.

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4). Having sex while on period would spare a woman from getting pregnant. 

Approximately every month, one of the woman’s ovaries’ eggs will mature as part of the ovulation process. This could sometimes overlap with the menstrual cycle. That, being said, means that a woman could still possibly get pregnant while on her period.

5). Period stops in the water.

Whether a woman is taking her regular shower or she is dipping in a pool while on her period, her uterus lining would still continue to shed. It is just because of the water’s counter-pressure, that’s why the blood may not be seen flowing outside the vagina.

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