Do you have any feedbacks or issues you want to send to Metrobank? In this article, we listed down all of Metrobank hotline and contact details, so that it’ll be easy for you to get in touch with them.

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These are their telephone numbers:

Metro Manila: +632 8700 700
Domestic Toll Free: 1 800 1888 5775

Here are their email addresses:

So if you have any compliments or complaints for Metrobank, just use any of the details above to contact the bank.

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Metrobank is one of the largest banks in the Philippines. In fact, it is the second biggest bank in the country. It offers many services, from regular banking, loans to insurance. Metrobank was established in the Philippines on Sept 5, 1962 at Binondo, Manila. The very first Metrobank branch was inaugurated in Divisoria. Metrobank officially commenced their international division in Taiwan in 1970’s

In the 1980’s, Metrobank acquired Philippine Savings Banks (PSB). Metrobank also made partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation.

Here are some of Metrobank’s subsidiaries:
Philippine AXA Life Insurance Corporation
First Metro Securities Corporation
Mirant Global Corporation
SMBC Metro Investment Corporation

By the way, if the Metrobank hotline is unavailable and you need to visit a Metrobank branch and you don’t have a directory of their branches, you can always check Metrobank’s branch locator below.

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