Do you want to learn how to type the letter enye (N)? This guide will show you how to type letter enye or (Ñ) in your computer. There are 3 methods to input letter ñ in your computer.

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First Method – Keyboard Combination

In the Keyboard Combination method, all you need are 4 to 5 key strokes to make an enye letter (Ñ).

For the capital letter enye (Ñ), just hold the ALT key while pressing 165 or 0209 on your number pad.

ALT + 0241 = ñ
ALT + 164 = ñ

For the small letter enye (ñ), hold the ALT key while pressing the 164 or 0241 on your number pad.

ALT + 0209 = Ñ
ALT + 165 = Ñ

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Second Method – Character Map

If you don’t have a number pad or numeric pad on your laptop, you can always use the Window’s built-in character map. Just click START MENU BUTTON and type “charmap” in the search box and press enter. When the Character Map window appears, select the enye letter (Ñ) , copy it (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) it wherever you like.

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Third Method – Visit our site and copy (CTRL+V) the enye letter (ñ) from our page.

Thank you for reading. Hope you’ll learn from our little tutorial on how to type letter enye (Ñ/ñ).

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